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UNDER MAINTENANCE!!! For urgent order or assistance on how to place your order, kindly Whatsapp +233248525512 For staffing services, WhatsApp +233265053308


Say Yes to Your Perfect Wedding Shoes: How to Find Your Dream Pair to Walk Down the Aisle in Style

Say Yes to Your Perfect Wedding Shoes: How to Find Your Dream Pair to Walk Down the Aisle in Style

Discover your dream wedding shoes - explore styles, materials, and trends to match your bridal style and shine like Cinderella.----

Choosing the perfect wedding shoes is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Your shoes will be in all your photos and videos, so you want to pick a pair that perfectly encapsulates your style. But with so many options to choose from - pumps, flats, sandals and more - it can be overwhelming to find your dream wedding shoes.

The key is selecting shoes that reflect your personality and complement your wedding dress. Whether you want glamorous stilettos, comfortable flats or sparkly Cinderella slippers, your wedding shoes should make you feel like the best version of yourself on your special day.

This guide will walk you through the different styles, heel heights, materials and trends to consider when finding your perfect wedding shoes. We'll offer tips on how to choose shoes that match your dress, venue and wedding vision. We'll also share inside secrets on where to find stylish yet affordable options to get your dream shoes without breaking the bank.

Finding your ideal wedding shoes is about more than just outfit coordination. It's about discovering that special pair that makes you feel confident, elegant and completely bridal on your wedding day.


History & Significance

The tradition of brides wearing special shoes for their wedding day dates back hundreds of years. In the Victorian era, it became popular for brides to wear white wedding boots often made of satin or lace. These boots symbolized purity and virginity and were sometimes tinted blue, representing "something blue." Brides would also slip a good luck sixpence coin into their boots, a Victorian tradition for prosperity. In the early 20th century, delicate lace-up boots and shoes became popular for brides. The style allowed for intricate lace detailing and designs. In modern times, most brides opt for white or ivory bridal shoes to match their gowns. But some still embrace touches of "something blue" or proper "sixpence" coins for a nod to tradition. Whatever style they choose, a bride's wedding shoes carry on the long-standing significance of symbolizing new beginnings.

Wedding Shoe Styles

There are many different styles of wedding shoes for brides to choose from. Popular options include:

Pumps - This classic style features a closed toe and high heel. Pumps offer an elegant look and work well with most wedding dresses from A-line to mermaid. They come in various heel heights to suit different comfort levels.

Sandals - Perfect for beach and bohemian inspired weddings, sandals have an open toe and come in flat, low, mid or high heel varieties. Consider embellished straps or lace-up details to complement your wedding style.

Slingbacks - Slingback shoes have a strap that wraps around and fastens at the heel. This style shows off more of the foot and leg for a flirty, vintage look.

Flats - For brides who want maximum comfort, flats offer support while still looking chic. Try embellished ballet flats or a low kitten heel for a touch of height.

Sparkly - Add some fairy tale magic with glittering heels encrusted in rhinestones, crystals or pearls. Metallic shoes are another way to shine.

Colored - Make a fun fashion statement by incorporating color through your shoes. From pale blue for your "something blue" to bold crimson red, vibrantly hued shoes put a playful spin on tradition.

Choosing Your Heel Height

One of the most important considerations when selecting your wedding shoes is the heel height. The height of the heel impacts comfort and your ability to walk confidently. You'll want to consider having different shoes for the ceremony versus the reception.

For the ceremony, consider a shorter 1-2 inch heel. This will be more comfortable for standing at the altar and walking down the aisle. Flats or low kitten heels are also a great option. According to Inside Weddings, "1-2 inches is a good choice if you're not super confident walking in high heels, but you want a bit of a lift."

For the reception, you may opt for a higher 3-4 inch heel to feel more glamorous while dancing the night away. But beware of going too high. As WeddingWire points out, "The 2 1⁄2 inch heels are perfect for those who still want a heel without having to worry about sore feet at the end of the day."

Think about when you'll be on your feet the most and standing in one place - shorter heels during those key moments will keep you comfortable. Then break out the sexy stilettos for the dance party!

Toe Shapes

When it comes to choosing the toe shape for your dream wedding shoes, brides typically opt for either a rounded or pointed toe. Rounded toes are versatile and complement most foot shapes. They create a soft, feminine look that works well with both sleek, modern dresses and more traditional A-line or ball gown silhouettes. Pointed toes elongate the leg line and create a polished, elegant aesthetic. They pair beautifully with fitted dresses and mermaid or trumpet hemlines. Pointed toes range from a subtle almond shape to a more dramatic stiletto. According to The Bridal Finery, rounded and almond toes are often the most comfortable options.

Consider your dress style and overall wedding vibe when deciding between rounded or pointed toes. Brides seeking a romantic look tend to opt for rounded toes, while those wanting an edgy, glamorous style may prefer pointed. Look for a rounded toe with a lower heel for a vintage inspired wedding shoe. Pair delicate lace dresses with the softness of an almond toe. Let your dress silhouette and accessories guide you - a sleek minimalist gown calls for pointed toes, while a full tulle skirt pairs nicely with a round toe. Work with your bridal salon consultant to select the toe shape that perfectly complements your dress and creates a cohesive look.


The material of your wedding shoes is an important consideration, as it impacts the overall look, comfort, and price. Some top materials for wedding shoes include:


Satin is a popular choice for wedding shoes. It has a luxurious sheen and works well with formal wedding gowns, especially satin dresses. Satin comes in many colors and can be matched to your dress. It has a smooth look that photographs beautifully. However, satin can show scuffs and be slippery. Look for satin shoes with a suede sole for better traction.